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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



At Sunny Days, we believe in the magic of community and the profound effect that a sense of belonging can have on a child.  


We believe in a whole-child approach to education.  


We believe that early learning happens best in a sensory environment and in tandem with natural materials as much as possible.

We believe in not doing for a child what they are capable to do for themselves.  


We believe in the importance of social-emotional development.  


Above all, we believe that a love for school can happen at a very young age and create a lasting foundation for future education. 



Collaboration, communication, responsibility, resilience, honesty and enthusiasm.


Collaboration- creating a community where everyone (children, parents and teachers) feel seen, heard and valued in their ideas and efforts.  We are in this together.

Communication- we must openly and respectfully communicate our thoughts and feelings to get our needs met and to cultivate the understanding of others.

Responsibility- realizing that our actions have an effect on the world around us and that we all have purpose.

Resilience- in an ever-changing world we adapt, grow and stay open to new ways of living and learning.

Honesty- we honor speaking the truth.  Accurately reporting what we learn, observe and feel without all the noise.

Enthusiasm- find the joy in the task at hand!  Look for the beauty, humor and fun in each day and you shall find it.

Our Goal

For the children in our care to embody these values and carry them out into the world.

Health & Safety

At Sunny Days we do our very best to keep children well with our best practices of regular handwashing, healthy eating, morning well-checks, masking and clearly defined sick-policy standards.  In an ever-changing Covid world, we stay abreast of the latest CDC and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recommnedations.  

*Sunny Days Preschool is a licensed FCCH

(Family Child Care Home)

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